If you're excited about video but don't know where to start...

"Discover Video Marketing Secrets That Will Attract More Clients To You And Increase Your Cash Flow Without Leaving Your Home!"

"Get More Traffic, Leads, And Sales In Your Business Fast When You
Finally Get Control Of Marketing Your Products Online..."

Imagine Creating Your First Video By The End Of Today!

Today is – do you realize that by this time tomorrow, you could already have your first (or next) video created and online with the step-by-step help I can give you today?

Here’s a perfect example of the type of marketing video you will be able to create WHILE you go through the SIMPLE Video Velocity Program!

Simple 4 Video Velocity graduate LeeAnn Reed, of TheNumbersDiva.com, created this video (her first one ever) after discovering the best techniques and strategies for creating effective marketing videos quickly – starting from scratch. I’m excited for LeeAnn and so many others who published screencast videos, FAQ videos, promotional videos, and squeeze page videos to grow their business faster with online marketing.

Now it’s your turn!

Take a break from the routine, put a stop on mediocre progress, and be part of an amazing weekend where you will walk away with up to 4 videos FINISHED and marketing your business before you return home! Plus, you’ll have the skill set and strategic plan to repeat what you learn back home!

Let Me Share My Video Marketing Secrets With You

With the Simple Video Velocity program, you’ll discover how to…
  • Increase your cash flow with higher quality programs and products
  • Become a master of video creation and production without having to turn into a big techno-nerd
  • Increase your credibility and visibility on social media
  • Explode the traffic you get to your website of high quality visitors seeking out what you have to offer
  • Convert more visitors into customers who eagerly buy from you

Imagine The High Impact Videos You Could Be Creating DURING This Program Just Like These SIMPLE Graduates Did

It may sound ambitious, but the program and curriculum I’ve put together truly works! By the end of the high-paced training, you’ll have up to 4 (or more) videos online promoting your business. That’s before you even get home!

Don’t believe me? You don’t have to. Just take a look at these videos created by real students of the program.

Create viral FAQ videos to showcase your expertise

Kristen Eckstein – UltimateBookCoach.com
SIMPLE 1, 2, 3

Use images and compelling text on your squeeze page videos for higher conversions

Therese Sparby – RadicalConversations.com

Promote your consulting services with webinars and seminars

Chuck Dymer – BrillianceActivator.com

Create a compelling sales video to sell your services online

Scott Taylor – FastPathCoaching.com

Sell your information products and virtual workshops

Christina Moyer – BeYourKidsPhotographer.com

Create promotional videos for your upcoming programs, like teleseminars, webinars, or even live events

D’vorah Lansky, BookLanuchFormulaSecrets.com
SIMPLE 1, 2, 3v

Remember – these are real examples of videos created by SIMPLE graduates who “Take Action and Revise Later.” You should be next!

Which Of These 5 Reasons To Participate
Resonate With You The Most?

  • I have implemented pieces of what I learned from Bob in the past, and I’m ready to take action on the next steps
  • The internet marketing landscape changes frequently – I want to take advantage of current trends and new developments in 2011
  • I know intensive, full-immersion, high-level training is essential to get the best results for my business
  • I’m excited to meet and learn from guest faculty members who will show me how to easily add value to my marketing, convert more of my prospects into paying customers, and have a lot more fun. Plus I can’t wait to take action on what they teach me in the program!

Ensure your total success this year and beyond by experiencing the Simple Video Velocity program from home. You don’t have to travel, and you don’t even have to match your schedule to mine. That’s because you get instant access to all 11 sessions over the next 3 days.

Here’s The Full System You’ll Learn
In Just 3 Fast-Paced, Content-Rich Days

During the program you won’t just learn an overwhelming amount of strategies to spin your brain into mush. Simple Video Velocity is all about CREATING Videos that are promoting your business online before the end of the program.

You’ll walk away with up to 4 marketing videos you can use to grow your list, increase your profits, and impact more people with less effort.

We’ll make it easy for you to create:

  • Squeeze page videos
  • Frequently Asked Questions videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Testimonial videos

And you’ll be able to make them quickly, confidently, and your viewers will think you hired a professional to do it! But you’ll have a big smile on your face knowing that you didn’t have to outsource any of them at $1000 or more each.

You’ll also learn how to make videos in different formats. You’ll get comfortable with:

  • Screencast videos with Camtasia
  • Live action videos with your digital camera (use your Flip, Zi-8, Point and shoot, or even your smartphone, and we’ll show you how to get the most out of it)
  • Webinars with GoToWebinar, WelcomeToTheCall, and Evergreen Business System
  • Mashup videos with free online tools

Best of all, we’ll give you the time and step-by-step instruction to learn and produce them during the weekend!

Course Curriculum Designed
By A Professional Educator

People love attending my events because, as a former teacher, I truly know how to break things down in the right order and make it simple for you to learn. And I create the supplemental materials to guide you during and after the event.

Here’s how the program plays out over the 3-days (you can take longer if you need to!):

Module 1: SIMPLE Foundations

The first module provides the base for the rest of the program. It provides the big picture and mindset shift you need to go forward in a new area with confidence.

  • 5 Steps To Income Velocity
  • 6 Types Of Videos To  Market Your Business
  • My Easy EFFORT Formula to generating more leads and sales online
  • Behind the curtain: case studies of products and programs from my 6-figure business

Module 2: SIMPLE List Building Videos

  • Creating video squeeze pages that convert like crazy
  • The anatomy of a video squeeze page – layouts and templates that convert the best
  • Get their attention with captivating headlines and bullets
  • Using the Easy EFFORT Formula for your Squeeze Video
  • Use your list to automate your communication
  • Build relationships that last – and pay off!

Module 3: SIMPLE Screencast Videos
With Lon Naylor

  • Lon Naylor Camtasia ExpertCreating effective presentations with PowerPoint 2010
  • Working with animations and transitions
  • Get the sound right when you Ace The Audio
  • Locating and integrating royalty-free music into your videos
  • Spice up your videos with low-cost (or free) images
  • Master the essentials of Camtasia software
  • Discover hidden features of Camtasia and PowerPoint

Module 4: SIMPLE Visibility Through Video

  • Creating viral videos people will love to share
  • Geeking out on keywords so people can find you online
  • Discover simple tricks when uploading your videos that leap you ahead of others who are in the dark
  • Create your traffic net and business hub
  • Understand the essentials of WordPress and blogging

Module 5: SIMPLE Communication
With Felicia Slattery

During this module, communications expert Felicia Slattery (MA, MAdEd) shows you:

  • Effective communication with FeliciaHow to speak on video for intimacy, interaction, and influence
  • Top 5 Credibility Mistakes Entrepreneurs & Experts Make When Shooting Video
  • Nonverbal Communication Considerations When Shooting Video
  • The Messages Before the Message:  Pre-Framing on Video
  • To Script or Not to Script: That Is the Question
  • Anatomy of an Effective “Talking Head” Video

Module 6: SIMPLE Products

In this module, I’ll be teaching my secrets to creating profitable, high-impact products that turn what you know into consistent (and rapidly increasing) cash flow!

  • 5 Rules Of SIMPLE Products – get this wrong and your business is sunk!
  • Product Creation Roadmap – the easy path to creating products quickly
  • What Do People Really Buy? – understand the psychology behind the buy
  • Video Training Courses – what to include (and what to leave out!) of your programs
  • PowerPoint Tips – how to use one of the key tools to video products
  • Teaching and selling with Webinars – deliver high impact presentations with live and automated webinars

Module 7: SIMPLE Conversions And Profit
With James Wedmore

  • Video Traffic From James WedmoreTriple Your Sales with the 7 Step Video Sales Sequence
  • Discover the Exact 7 Step Process to convert viewers into Buyers!
  • Learn how to make simple little videos that sell your stuff for you!
  • Steal my results from +20 Tested & Proven Split-Test Results to create the Perfect Sales Page
  • Hone the art of Effortless Influence through your videos and webinars to get people to fall in love with you and your message!
  • …and much, much more!

Module 8: SIMPLE Profits And Promotions

  • Turn your products into ongoing profits
  • How to price your products for short and long term business growth
  • Using promotional videos to get them ready to say, “Yes!”
  • Video sales letter strategies that convert twice as many prospects to buyers
  • Using the Easy EFFORT Formula in promotional webinars
  • Joint venture partner promotions and mastermind strategies for faster list building and growth

Module 9: SIMPLE Story Telling
With Tony Laidig

  • Tony Laidig story tellerThe power of story in video creation
  • Harness the 5 stages of story for maximum impact
  • Conveying your marketing message over time
  • The importance of the viewer’s journey
  • Content sources to help you tell your story

Module 10: SIMPLE Affiliate Marketing

  • Helping people find additional solutions you don’t provide
  • The SIMPLE life of an affiliate link
  • Using affiliate marketing as a market research tool
  • Creating effective affiliate marketing promotional videos
  • Using the Easy EFFORT Formula in your promo videos
  • Ways to leverage affiliate marketing into more customers and joint venture partnerships

Bonus Module #1: Video Marketing For Authors
With Kristen Eckstein

Kristen graduates from 3-time attendee to presenter during this special module at SIMPLE 4. She’s the book coach I turned to when I needed help finishing and publishing Take Action! Revise Later. She’ll teach you…

  • Kristen Eckstein - the Ultimate Book CoachHow to use video and build your platform to create raving fans who will hang on your every word – and buy your books!
  • The top three types of videos every author – or soon-to-be author – needs to cement your expertise in the eyes of your audience
  • Kristen’s 3-step formula for authors to create an engaging book trailer video on a dime that will have viewers searching for the “BUY!” button

Bonus Module #2: YouTube Traffic Secrets
With James Wedmore

During a Q&A segment, James revealed a few of his favorite YouTube tricks for driving tons of traffic to his websites and those of his high-paying clients. It was so popular, I brought James back for a bonus session. You’ll discover…

  • Video Traffic From James Wedmore7 Secrets To Getting Massive Traffic With YouTube
  • How to get your YouTube videos on the 1st page of Google – the easy way!
  • How you can convert views into highly qualified leads w/ YouTube.
  • A proven, simple 3 step system to get any YouTube video thousands of hits.
  • Connect on YouTube’s social network
  • Turn your traffic into customers
  • And much more…

Comprehensive, Step-By-Step
Workbook Included

Comprehensive Binder from Bob The TeacherOne of the many reasons graduates of SIMPLE events rave about the program is because of the workbook each person receives. As a teacher I know how to create supplemental materials that ensure a deeper understanding of the training. I know what it takes to really learn new things.

Each module described above has a corresponding section in the binder that makes it easy for you to take notes, brainstorm ideas, share resources with others, and build up your database of partners.

Your 200+ page binder will be the marketing bible you refer back to often. Most graduates report back that their SIMPLE binder stays right on top of their desk so they can jump right to a specific marketing strategy at a moment’s notice.

Join the program, and get this binder in your hands!

Note: since this is a virtual program, you’ll receive the binder as a digital workbook – 11 PDF sections and the color cover for you to print out and use with your own 1″ binder.

How Much Is A New Client Worth To You?

By now, I’m sure you’re wondering how much the ticket price is. I’ll share that with you in a moment, but first I want you to think seriously about how much income your business generates with each new client.

Realize how much easier it will be for you to get those clients and keep them coming to you again and again because you’re using videos to establish a deeper relationship that builds trust and provides enormous value to them.

Think about how much it’s worth to you to add new subscribers to your list automatically, as visitors flood to your website with the effect of your videos…

Think about how much money you’ll be saving, making it easier for your ideal customers to find you without spending a fortune on traditional advertising.

Think about the wasted hours and aggravation you’re seeing in your business right now, trying to figure it out on your own. With Video Velocity, you get expert, over-your-shoulder guidance in a full-immersion atmosphere (where learning is magnified and fast!)

If you’re like most of the others who will be attending SIMPLE, you’ll realize a fast return on your investment that can not be matched by even the savviest stock market traders. In fact, if you can’t realistically imagine seeing at least 10x the investment in this training, you’re not the kind of person that should join this program.

And even though similar programs run $997 and up, I’ve decided to ask just $497 for the entire program.

With just 1 new client, this program will pay for itself!

Here’s What You Get When You
Register For This Results-Oriented Training Program Now

SIMPLE Video Velocity Program

Experience the Video Velocity program from home, at your own pace!

  • Sharpen your on-camera skills and screencast video skills
  • Connect with dozens of other coaches, consultants, and service professionals for joint venture projects and cross promotions
  • Learn the latest techniques and strategies of video marketing
  • Increase your cash flow
  • Build your list faster
  • Increase your credibility and visibility
  • Explode the traffic you get to your YouTube videos
  • Convert more visitors into customers with the power of storytelling
  • Develop raving fans
  • Host live and automated webinars
  • Become a master of video creation
  • Gain confidence in marketing your business

Fast Action Bonus:
Permanent Access To Every Session In Both Video And Audio

  • Watch and re-learn at any time
  • Each session broken down into bite-size segments for easy learning
  • Enjoy the sessions online from any of your computers or mobile device (audio only on iPhone/iPad at this time)
  • Take the time you need to match your learning with your active schedule

Get The Complete SIMPLE Video Velocity Virtual Program Today

  • SIMPLE 4 Video Velocity Program (Instant Access Starts Immediately)
  • Video and Audio of each session
  • Bonus modules for YouTube Traffic Secrets and Video Marketing For Authors

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Still Not Sure?

It’s okay to be skeptical – I know I am when I read the promises of a training program when I’ve been disappointed in the past by audio and video training “systems” that are soft on content.

That’s why I created the SIMPLE programs in the first place. I wanted to give business owners like you authentic, actionable training from people who know how to teach. We all want you to be successful, and we want you to become customers for life. And we know that won’t happen unless you see real results fast. To us that means having videos online promoting your business before you even finish all the modules.

Get instant access to the training now, and create your first video by the end of the day!

And then show your videos to me so I can help you celebrate your rapid success in taking action!

To your success,

Bob the Teacher Jenkins

Bob Jenkins

p.s. Yes – your investment in this program is 100% guaranteed. If you’re not completely ecstatic with the progress you make in this step-by-step program, simply ask for your money back. The program is designed for 3 days, but you have a full 30 days to try out the modules, implement what you learn, and if you’re not excited – ask and you will get every penny back.

p.p.s. I’ve taught thousands of people how to market their businesses online – so you’re joining great company when you invest in your business and joining this program. Don’t try figuring it out alone!

p.p.p.s. Remember – this incredible offer at an amazing price isn’t going to last forever. I’ll be raising the introductory price very soon (likely before the end of the week). More importantly, the longer you wait to take action with video, the further behind you’ll fall from your competition and helping customers who absolutely need your products and services… if only they knew about them!

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